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Counselling Services by Rhonda May, MA, CCC.  Based in Okotoks, serving the region in Southern Alberta.

If you are visiting this website, you likely are facing challenges and are looking for help.  Our lives can be touched by depression, anger, anxiety, fear, trauma, pain, grief,  challenging relationships, or a myriad of other issues.  For me, in difficult times, as I have yearned to change and experience a new way of being in relationship or view my situation without the lens of despair, hope is sometimes elusive, like an invisible thread blowing in the wind.  I reached out to professionals and discovered that with the help of a therapist who held hope for me, I was able to enact lasting change in my life. Without hope problems appear insurmountable and our ability to find a way through to a resolution or to make sense of our situation may feel impossible.  When we experience hope through the eyes of another, or are able to tap into our own source of hope, new possibilities emerge and we experience a renewed sense that change is possible. The counselling process is meant to help you find the path to hope, positive change, and increased well-being.

The word “spero” (sounds like “sparrow”) is Latin for “to hope”, “to trust”; essential components of counselling. Spero Counselling endeavours to help you achieve what you hope for.